a loving, learning environment

Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out aims to provide a Christian environment in an extended family atmosphere. It is the intent of the program to provide a structured learning opportunity that enables children to develop physically, socially, cognitively and spiritually.

As part of the mission of Central Christian Church to reach out to Waco and the surrounding communities, Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out provides families with a safe and nurturing environment for their children. 


Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out offers age appropriate curriculum emphasizing the individual child. The Active Learning Series (Dale Seymour Publications) is used center wide and focuses on the four main developmental areas in young children: Listening and Speaking, Physical Development, Creative Activities, and Learning from the World Around Them. Each week our experienced and dedicated teachers post lesson plans with activities that promote growth in each of these areas. 

Our three-year-old, four-year-old and PreK classes supplement this curriculum with the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. We also provide monthly Bible curriculum complete with a memory verse, Bible truth, story and activities. 

Every Thursday, Central Christian Church offers a 20-minute Chapel service led by Rev. Kristin Jack for our students. Chapel service includes a Bible story time, prayer and lots of singing. 


We are now accepting registration requests for the 2021/2022 school year! For a copy of the 'ABCs of NAP', click here

We offer a two-, three-, and four-day program that operates Tuesday through Friday during the school year. A child may attend any combination of these four days, contingent upon space availability. PreK offers a three- and/or four-day program only; however, Tuesday through Thursday is required while Friday is optional. Absences are not refundable and days are not interchangeable. During the summer, we operate Tuesday through Thursday and families must enroll for all three days. 

A registration packet must be completed and returned to the office for all students wishing to enroll at Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out. The registration form and immunization record must be in our office on the first day of your child's attendance at Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out. A physician's health statement must be in our office no later than thirty days after your child begins attending Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out. The TDFPS mandates that this information be current and on file in the school's office. The registration form and immunization record must be resubmitted annually. 


COVID-19 is spread from person to person through contact that is close enough to share droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, speaking and even just breathing. While working with our local health officials, along with state & local government, Noah's Ark Preschool & Parent's Day Out has developed a set of strategies that are appropriate to ensure the health and safety of everyone at our center. Find our COVID-19 Healthy & Safety Policies & Procedures here

One thing is for certain: education and childcare are essential, and we must find reasonably safe ways to restore these services so that our children can be cared for, educated and their parents/guardians can return to work. We must find ways to protect our children from COVID-19 & ensure that they do not bring the infection to others. 

Together we can do our part to keep everyone safe & healthy! 


Regular hours: Tuesday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Depending on availability, we have extended care options for our families. 

Morning extended care begins at 7:30 a.m. and afternoon extended care ends at 4:00 p.m. 

We will not be having a Summer 2021 Session.  

Office: 254-776-6310

Fax: 254-776-2590

Email: noahsark@cccwaco.org

Required forms

We are a Texas Health and Human Services fully licensed facility. 

We serve families with children from six weeks to five years of age.


Our office is open from Tuesday - Friday from 8:45 am - 4 pm. 

Please print out and complete the registration form. You may bring it by the school office, e-mail, or mail it to us. 

Depending upon availability, a registration fee and completed registration form will secure your spot.

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