At Central, we believe that the family is the primary source of faith development for children and youth. it is our hope that the church will be a support, partner, resource-giver, and encourager for families as we seek ways to teach children and youth about God's love and grace in this world. We embrace families of all shapes and sizes on the faith journey. CCC strives to help parents "parent in the pews" during worship, provides resources for families to engage in faith practices at home and encourages cross-generational relationships with the entire church family. We are ALL partners on the faith journey. Young and old can definitely learn about the love of God found in knowing, following, serving, believing and worshipping Jesus Christ together.

A special needs church

We love and welcome all children to KidCentral children’s ministries at Central Christian Church! We are a place where all children are known, named, and loved as the person God created them to be. We strive to help our children know they are loved and seen by a God who created them with divine intent, with importance, and with a purpose. All children matter to God, and all children matter to us! 

KidCentral includes all ministries for children who are 5th grade and younger. We help our children learn to love everyone as God commanded and make good choices as they SHINE like Jesus. Our ministry is committed to our children and their families, seeking to partner with parents in their children’s faith development. We equip parents with opportunities and tools to nourish their children’s faith at home. KidCentral also hosts opportunities for children and families to grow in their faith and share in times of fellowship through a variety of activities and events hosted at church and within the community.  

Making sure that children with special needs are included and have a place within our church family is important to KidCentral. Prior to working in ministry, both Kristin (Minister to Families) and her assistant Beverly taught special education. Children with special needs are always welcome to join our small group hour on Sunday mornings at 9:30, and they are also welcome during worship! Additionally, all of our events, including VBS and Sensory Santa Photo Event, are welcoming for those with varying needs.