At Central, we believe that the family is the primary source of faith development for children and youth. it is our hope that the church will be a support, partner, resource-giver, and encourager for families as we seek ways to teach children and youth about God's love and grace in this world. We embrace families of all shapes and sizes on the faith journey. CCC strives to help parents "parent in the pews" during worship, provides resources for families to engage in faith practices at home and encourages cross-generational relationships with the entire church family. We are ALL partners on the faith journey. Young and old can definitely learn about the love of God found in knowing, following, serving, believing and worshipping Jesus Christ together.


We all know that children and youth (and even adults) LOVE having a cheering section at their sporting, fine arts and other events! Our Central Christian Church family is encouraged to check out the calendar here (click on the photo or the link here) and try to catch a few games, recitals or performances as we stack the stands with a CCC cheering section! If you have schedules to add to the calendar, simply email them to