After a year of meeting online for Sunday morning groups/classes, we are thrilled to announce that new, in-person Sunday Small Group Ministries for all ages launch on April 11 at 9:30 am. We have groups/classes for children, youth, and four options for adults. There is a small group for everyone! If you haven't been part of a small group or class, now is a great time to get connected. Grow in faith and friendship together. Please make sure to review our covid-safe protocols before attending a group. 


  • Bible Discovery (Adults)

    The Bible Discovery class studies individual books of the Bible in depth, often going verse by verse. The current study is on the Old Testament book of Haggai. New small group members are always welcome. This group is led by Brad Toben.  Please note: This small group begins at 9:15 am on the lower level at the bottom of the ramp.

  • Family Covenant (ADULTS)

    The Family Covenant Small Group gathers each week to share life, learn about faith, and realize that we are "not alone" in the hectic season of life when children and teens are in the home. Beverly Taube will be leading a series on "Resiliency in Children" as this group regathers.  While this group is made up primarily of parents, anyone is welcome to engage in the group discussion! This group meets on the lower level at the bottom of the ramp.


    This group is currently reading Cast of Characters by Max Lucado – “folks just like you and me, these ordinary people stumbled and struggled. They faced their own sin and came face to face with a God who not only wipes it away, but makes the common extraordinary.” We also have breakfast/brunch together on the first Sunday of the month. This group is led by Trudy Woodson and meets in the Fireside Room on the main level of the church. 

  • Year of the Gospel: TEEN EDITION

    Youth in grades 6-12 will gather In their cozy Youth room to explore Gospel scriptures together each week. Our goal Is to help youth navigate their way around the Bible and to think theologically as they embrace a life-long faith of their own. Youth will be encouraged to take turns leading the weekly Bible Study. Adult facilitators for the youth are Amy Roman and Laci Terry

  • kid central live!

    Children thru 5th grade will gather in the Butler Chapel for large group fun & faith. Then, they will break into small groups and head to our KidCentral rooms for crafts, games, stories, and more! Come join us for something new!. Rev. Kristin Jack and a team of wonderful children's ministry leaders help bring God's word to life each week.