Sgt. Robert E. Davis

Sgt. Davis was born in Waco on June 12, 1922. He had two years of college before enlisting in the Army, where he achieved the rank of Sgt. and eventually made his way to Italy for the Battle of San Pietro against heavily entrenched German defenses. The major battle raged from December 8-17 1943, and eventually resulted in an allied victory, but not without heavy losses. Approximately 16,000 American service members were killed in 10 days of fighting. Sgt. Davis lost his life one day before the battle ended. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds in action and is buried in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial. He was 21 years old and his mother Mrs. Daisy Davis of Summer Avenue in Waco was listed as his next of kin. Mrs. Daisey Davis was a local librarian and was active in Central Christian Church as shown from this article in the Waco Tribune dated February 10, 1959.