Cpl. Herbert Newton Gibson was killed in action at the Battle of Peleliu Island on September 17, 1944, and repatriated with burial in Rosemound Cemetery in Waco on October 20, 1948. Cpl. Gibson trained with the U.S. Marines in San Diego and he was a member of Co. K, 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division. He served on Guadalcanal, Eastern New Guinea before he was killed at “The Point” on Peleliu. Cpl. Gibson’s K Company captured “The Point”, but Japanese forces counterattacked for 30 hours against his K Company. Critically low on supplies, out of water, and surrounded, the Marines had to resort to hand to hand combat to fend off the Japanese attackers. By the time reinforcements arrived, Company K had successfully repulsed all of the attacks and were reduced to 18 men still alive. Cpl. Gibson was one of the 157 Marines killed in action at “The Point." He was 22 years old.