OUR worship: 10:30 am every sunday

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The best way to describe our Sunday worship service is relaxed traditional, but we really break the mold in many ways. For instance, we have one of the best pipe organs in Waco, but we incorporate guitar, piano and orchestral instruments. We have 12 beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary, but we also have two 80" monitors that we use for announcements, lyric projection, videos and sermon notes. Join us for worship and you will experience hymns written in 2016 and hymns written in 1707. We feature choral, solo and ensemble anthems and offertories. Children and youth are often involved in worship leadership, and we invite the children forward to a time especially for them every week. Finally, the prayer for the sermon is a Christ-centered challenge and encouragement calling you to action and response.

Perhaps most importantly, we celebrate the Lord's Supper each and every Sunday. Sometimes called "Communion" or "The Eucharist," when we take the broken bread, symbolic of Christ's broken body, and dip it into the cup, symbolic of his shed blood, the stain on the bread reminds us of Christ's saving acts. His presence at the Table, by faith, forgives us and frees us into abundant and eternal life. The Lord's Supper is open to everyone who calls on the Lord for healing, hope and salvation.

FAQ about CCC Worship

Q: What do I wear?

A: Some people like to wear their Sunday "finest," while others wear t-shirts. You will undoubtedly be comfortable with what makes you most comfortable.

Q: What about my kids?

A: As you can read on our Mission, Vision and Values page, intergenerational ministry is one of our core values, and one of the places you see that most lived out is in our worship service. We do not dual track -- Bible classes for children, youth and adults take place before worship (9:30 am) -- and we ALL gather for worship at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary. Children are always welcome to stay in "big church" for the entirety of our worship service. If you are visiting with newborns to age 4, our nursery, located in the Children's Wing, is staffed with trained, loving adults. Finally, children's worship bags are available in the Narthex to help children engage more fully in worship.

Q: How long is your worship service?

A: Depends how the Spirit moves, but the Spirit seems to consistently move in about one hour.

Q: Anything else you can provide that can help me prepare for worshipping at CCC for the first time?

A: Sure. Here is a sample of our bulletin, here is a recent sermon, and here is a recent Offertory (special music).