I once heard someone say, “Whatever God allows, God redeems.” As I consider 2020, that belief resonates deeply. No doubt 2020 will be remembered for a tragic global pandemic, and I continue to pray for people who lost loved ones. COVID-19 doesn't get the last say, though, because 2020 was also the year Central Christian Church read the Bible together. For me, our “Year of the Bible” initiative helped to redeem 2020.

Without a doubt, our God is a redeeming God, and that redemption continues in 2021, and beyond. Given the impact and uplifting experience of allowing God’s Word to dwell in us richly together last year, we are going to keep reading together. Only this year, it is time to go deeper. It is time for some good news. The Good News … the Gospel … the story of how God redeemed God’s creation through His Son, Jesus.

At CCC, 2021 will be “The Year of the Gospel.” Christ is central at Central, and so the four books that give us the richest and deepest account and understanding of his birth, life, death and resurrection — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — will be the books we read together this year, with a few others sprinkled in. A guide for our shared reading and study can be found below. I pray you join us, and I pray through joining us, you are reminded …

You are redeemed.

Rev. Brian Coats

Year of the Gospel Reading Schedule

Year of the Gospel Coloring Sheet & Simplified Reading Plan for Kids/Youth